Deliver Us Mars | Update 1.0.2 (Build Version 1.1.0) For PC
Deliver Us Mars | Update 1.0.2 (Build Version 1.1.0) For PC

Deliver Us Mars | Update 1.0.2 (Build Version 1.1.0) For PC


Incoming transmission...

...Opening Communications...

Crew Alert!

Delivering the most optimal experience possible during your mission in 'Deliver Us Mars' has been ever vital to us, and we have continued to be so grateful of your feedback.

Thank you again for being so engaged with us and passionate about the game!

With that being said, please find below supporting notes for Deliver Us Mars quality update: 1.0.2 (Build Version 1.1.0), for PC players.


  • 3 rotating save files are now saved, use the Load Game screen to load into a previous auto-save.
  • Subtitle character names can now be toggled in the accessibility options.
  • Subtitle colour per character can now be toggled in the accessibility options.
  • Water visual effects have been added for Kathy and AYLA when interacting with water.
  • Hair simulation has been added to Young Claire for both hair cards and grooms.
  • The overall brightness can now be adjusted in the display options.
  • AMD FSR2.1 is now an available upscale option in the graphics options.
  • Ray Tracing Ambient Occlusion toggle has been added to graphics options.
  • Ultrawide support in-game by enabling higher FOV multiplier on ultra-wide aspect ratio’s.


  • Additional graphic options for PC are now available (foliage, shader and effects quality).
  • Keybindings are now available in the options.
  • WASD keys can now be changed in the keybindings options.


  • Added New Game confirmation pop-up window.
  • Character texture quality balance has been improved significantly.
  • Childhood Kathy general face animation improvements.
  • Characters no longer clip through belts during cinematics.
  • Ray Tracing shadow optimizations have been made for foliage.
  • Fixed the EULA scrolling blocker while holding the accept button.
  • Fixed Ayla control range noise bug; UI screen fade and the distance meter now work accurately.
  • MPT beams now create a zapping sound again when you cross them as Kathy.
  • Update the UI Sliders to have a little light outline around the text to improve visibility.
  • Rollercoaster and other instances of NPC camera control now use inverted options setting if selected in gameplay options.
  • Improved the scrolling astrochat bit by pumping the contrast, colours, and overflow effect.
  • Hide the DX12 option entirely if not on windows 10.
  • Groom hick-ups are now minimized during cinematics.
  • Performance optimizations for all cinematics when using Ray Traced shadows or when in Quality mode on 9th Gen consoles.
  • Ryan will now no longer T-pose in the distance when you skip the cutting tutorial in Chapter 1.
  • Sarah's face animation when walking in the hallway in Chapter 1 is fixed.
  • Kathy can no longer clip through the road of the Astrovan parking area in Chapter 1.
  • Fixed first-person camera during astrovan ride, inverted input now works.
  • Launch sequence clouds have been made more realistic in Chapter 1.
  • Fixed interior mesh clipping through exterior of the Zephyr ship in Chapter 2.
  • Isaac and Claire no longer moonwalk towards the climbing wall in Chapter 2.
  • Several death loop fixes in Chapter 4.
  • Muted beam SFX during cinematics in Chapter 5.
  • Many minor collision fixes in Chapter 5.
  • Ray Tracing shadow optimizations in Chapter 7 hologram cinematics.
  • Fixed semi-blocker when climbing where mantling at the top of a climbing section was difficult in Chapter 8.
  • Collision fixes in Chapter 8 to prevent clipping.
  • A fail state has been made more realistic in Chapter 9.
  • Minor framerate optimizations in Chapter 9.
  • Vine close-up popping reduced in Chapter 9.
  • Fixed "Kat-like reflexes" achievement exploit in Chapter 9.

Travel safely on your onward journey, Crew!

Closing Transmission...

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